Best Wattage for Sub-ohm Vaping

Vaping with sub ohm tanks is the next level for newbies. Sub ohm vaping gives you fuller hits that go straight to the lungs. You get dense clouds so sub ohm vaping is perfect for vapers who enjoy blowing huge clouds of vapor. Another merit of sub ohm vaping is that it allows vapers to systematically reduce the amount of nicotine they consume. To get the best experience with sub ohm vaping, you need to use the right wattage setting. Choosing your wattage is crucial when it comes to sub-ohm vaping.

It is important to state that you can’t just buy a sub ohm tank and vape at any wattage of your choice. If you set the wattage too high, the chances are that things will go wrong. For example, you could damage your coils and get a burnt taste, which can be unpleasant. And if it is too low, you may not enjoy the vaping experience. There is a science to sub ohm vaping that you must master for your devices to work optimally.  

The recommended wattage level for your coil is the safe range. You must stay within this range to avoid any complications with your coil and your sub ohm device. There are a lot of sub ohm atomizers and coils on the market. they all come with specific recommended wattage range, and some devices even have recommended coil types that you can use. You must follow the manufacturer’s guideline to get a pleasant vaping experience. The recommended wattage range for coils is normally printed on the package of the coil and on the body of the coil. Also, the type of coils that can be used with an atomizer is always indicated in the brochure, the manufacturer’s website, and the package that it comes in. Make it a point to read the technical specifications or product description to find the right wattage range before vaping.

You need to replace your coil over time to continue getting the best flavor from your e-juice. When you buy a replacement coil, it is safe to get the same exact type you have removed from your tank. Otherwise, use the coil type and wattage range as a guide to choose another coil. If you are a cloud chaser, you may be tempted to turn the wattage up on your sub ohm tank to get bigger clouds. But always remember to stay within the recommended wattage range

If you are looking to buy a sub ohm tank that will give you huge clouds and rich flavor, check out the WOTOFO online store. This company makes some of the best sub ohm tanks on the market.

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